21 January 2010

Metabolix Green Machine

Gary Fisher Metabolix Green Machine bike bicycle
This bicycle has several signs prominently zip-tied to it touting "Metabolix Green Machine". Google doesn't have much information, and I haven't seen another Gary Fisher similarly equipped. I wonder if this is the beginning of that Kendall Square bike share we've heard about?

Gary Fisher Metabolix Green Machine bike bicycle

Gary Fisher Metabolix Green Machine bike bicycle


Astroluc said...

curious and perhaps it is... I will keep my eye out!

Andrew said...

Charlotte -

Metabolix is a company in One Kendall Square, and the bikes are for employees to use for errands and such. I used to work in OKS, and saw them around a lot.

Charlotte said...

Andrew - so it *IS* the OKS bike share I'd heard rumored, but not for the public. That's too bad, I had heard it was going to be universal.

Have you seen the bike parking in the first level of the Amgen building? Incredible.

cycler said...

I was in Landry's bikes in November admiring this bike ( http://bikinginheels-cycler.blogspot.com/2009/09/woody-bikes.html)

and perhaps because I was all dressed up in office clothes, they kept pushing the idea of getting one for my office to use as a communal bike and suggesting that we'd get a substantial discount for such a purchase. For my particular tiny office that wouldn't make sense, but it seems like it would be great for a slightly larger company or institute like the Broad or Whitehead.

nowhere said...

I like the cream fenders and chainguard and the brown saddle and grips. If only it had an internal front brake.

jjfantastic said...

Ah, the Fisher Simple City. They're such pretty bikes.


How cool that an office has purchased bikes for employees to use during the day. Such a smart idea!