25 May 2010

Dreamy Bicycles

bicycle decor in the bar at Sel de la Terre
Sel de la Terre bicyclesThere are bikes on the ceiling at the new Sel de la Terre in the new Mandarin Oriental on Boyleston St.

I'm feeling unobservant, because it seems they're not that new. How did I miss them? Well, anyway, aren't they wonderful? I want to go get a drink there just for the ambiance.

I've only been to the Long Wharf location (once) but based on their website it looks like bicycles on the ceiling it might be a tradition at the Back Bay location. How cool is that?


cycler said...

We should have a cocktail ride like they did in Chicago! Any interest?

Charlotte said...

BRILLIANT idea, yes!

Shall we bring our scientists? I would definitely enjoy a cocktail ride, and soon! Gotta enjoy this incredible weather.

M and G said...

Love those bikes!