21 May 2010

New Bike Lanes

New bike lanes in BostonI loved watching her streamers flying off the back of her handlebars as she wooooooosssshhed down the hill and under the bridge in her new bike lane.

Happy Bike week Boston! Hurray for our new Comm Ave bike lanes, and another huge thank you to Nicole!

Here are some more photos from Boston Biker


pattaya.h said...

they painted the bikes lanes green in kenmore square too, so that they would be more obvious. since kenmore is pretty hectic especially with fenway being right there.

Velouria said...

I am so curious to see these. Need to find an errand to run in that part of Boston asap!

cycler said...

Man, I feel like I'm the last biker in boston to get over there and try them!
It's not in my regular routine, although I was on them twice a month ago (pre-bike lane)
So exciting about Mass Ave too!

Dottie said...

Nice bike lane. I want!