20 May 2010

Lovely Bike Morning

Overheard while sitting outside at a café:

Oh, I'm just over here.

Is that your bike? It's lovely! What year is it?

(admiring chatter while Charlotte frantically digs her camera out and gets whatever shot she can of the lovely green Raleigh with the Brooks saddle)

ladies in the morning with a green Raleigh

What a perfect day for a bike ride! I'm jealous.

This chic cyclist and her friend are right, today was a delicious day to be on a bike. Hope you're enjoying it!


SK said...

I love it! Were you at Flour Bakery by any chance? The seating and scenery around it looks very familiar :)

MamaVee said...

yes indeedy. The warm air and the wind blows in your face as your cruise along. Pretty spectacular.

Dave said...

That wouldn't be the South End Buttery cafe would it?

Charlotte said...

Oh you internet sleuths! Yes, that is outside Flour bakery.

Beth B said...

How cute! I love it when moments like this get captured. :)