11 May 2010

Oh Cold Snap

dressing warmly on a bike
Brrrr! I hope that, like this lady, you didn't put away your winter coat.

I hear this is the last of the cold and we will resume our regularly scheduled springtime shortly. Here's hoping!


cycler said...

I broke out the knee high boots and had to dig out a pair of light gloves. Fortunately I've lived in MA long enough not to put up my winter clothes until June!
(ironically the captcha is goici or "go- icy")

Cris C. said...

I like having an excuse to keep my wool out, actually. For a bit of time last week, I was afraid that the weather was getting too warm to wear the wool knickers comfortably.

Charlotte said...

Cris, isn't that just enough reason to buy linen knickers?

M and G said...

I got home from the office just in time this evening....it started to snow about 20 minutes later. Spring in Colorado.

Jackson said...

Hi Charlotte,

I love your upbeat blog, always makes me smile. Thought you might enjoy the bikes and people profiled here http://www.dayonepublications.com/Bicycle_Portraits/Index.html
Best regards,


Charlotte said...

That link is FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing it. I have only read a few of the stories, but I'll go back tonight and read more. It's such a great feeling. Thank you!

Cris C. said...

Charlotte - I would be in your debt if you could point me to linen knickers that can actually survive day-to-day cycling. Most of the linen pants that I've owned tend to tear prematurely around the saddle

Charlotte said...

Hmmmm Cris, the only pair I've got were actually made for riding a horse, and have two (maybe more) layers around the saddle seat section.

I will keep my eyes peeled for you.