21 May 2010

Miss Purple

purple ANT bike
Smokey purple helmet and stunning purple ANT... cute sandals and a matching top... I love it all.

Miss Purple, I'm your biggest fan!

(oh, and the other day? That was my grandmother's king sized down comforter on my front rack. I was pretending to be a UPS truck and hauling things all over town)

bike hauling cargo


Velouria said...

I see her and/or her boyfriend with their matching ANTs sometimes- So beautiful!

Charlotte said...

Which ones?!
Yes, plural.
green with envy

Unknown said...

Nice to see Miss Purple get her due. I love being on that bike so much. And nicer to see you out on the road; friends on bikes make the city cozy. That was an impressive haul!

Charlotte said...

E- I had to take it to the post office so I know it was slightly over 16 pounds (and just over $22 to ship).

Made my bike a wee bit tipsy, we went slowly so it was fine.

You and Miss Purple were looking so happy today! I need to meet your new steed, I've seen him/her a few times now but it's never worked out quite right. Glad that Miss Purple gets her share.

Dottie said...

Ooooh, nice!! Quintessential Boston :)