21 October 2008

Bike Corsage

bike bicycle flowers corsage DIY accessory
Like a lovely lady, this bike was sporting a small corsage made of tiny silk flowers. It somehow seems a bit ironic (in a good way) on a bike for sport and reasonable speed, though it would also be beautiful on slower bikes around town.

I wanted to save this post for Mother's Day, but I knew I couldn't wait. Remember this, though, for a novel way to give your mother a corsage next May.

I think my road bike may need a little accessorizing!

bike corsage mother's day close up

1 comment:

suzi said...

What a wonderful feeling to know that you commented on my bike out of the hundred beautiful ones that were at the ANT open house! What and honor! I like to put flowers on my rides to cheer me up. Thanks for posting pics on your blog. ~Suzi