10 October 2008

Red Triangles

Citgo sign Boston red bike
You know that red bikes are faster, right?

When I first saw the Citgo sign I thought it was a terrible eyesore. Now I understand it's an integral part of Boston. I don't even associate it with Citgo gas, it's become an icon on it's own, a lighthouse beacon that gets us back from Brookline without a map.


Ann said...

Here's an interesting story about that sign:

some years ago Citgo wanted to take it down because of the expense of lighting it -- but the community complained! Everyone loves that sign in Boston.

Katy said...

I love your blog almost as much as I love that Citgo sign. I currently live in LA but spent some of the best years of my life in Boston. Seeing this picture this morning perked me up. So thank you lady. Perhaps one day my single speed and I will ride along Mass Ave.
I miss you Beantown.

In the spirit of your blog. I thought you would appreciate this.
Yesterday from a bike shop employee. I was asked "is it hard to bike in those shoes?"(my new little maryjanes)."Not at all. not at all" I replied. Thanks for inspiring me and other lovely people to keep the beauty in bipedal power.