08 October 2008

Green Bike in a Red City

South End Boston green bike
Funny how one can get to know bikes before their riders. I took this photo AGES ago, and just recently saw the bike's owner - a tall, pretty brunette.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I saw the owner of the enormous basket bike, a twenty-something man with a beard.

I have one more photo on my home computer which I haven't shared, a yellow bike with a huge wooden chest in back. I saw it out with it's rider for the first time on my way into work this morning. She is another pretty brunette and much younger than I would have guessed from her bike.

All this got me wondering how well an absent owner could be divined by looking at the bike? Does anyone else play this game?

UPDATED - Here's the yellow bike:
yellow cargo bike


2whls3spds said...

Favorite game of mine too. But around here the bike choices are nearly as ectlectic. Mostly poorly maintained semi operational big box store MTB's, the occasional BMX. I did see a nice unknown brand bike, probably from NL or DM based on the reflectors. It was a tall men's frame upright style. Figured it belonged to a guy, turned out to belong to a very tall, slender (6') dark skinned lady. Saw her riding down the road later the same day. Haven't seen her or the bike since.


Anonymous said...

Bad XXXX(insert favorite ethnic prejudice here) engineering in that yellow-bike box.

Large enough to carry heavy load wa-a-a-y-y too far behind the rear axle. Moves the CG dangerously far aft causing the steering to be very unstable not to mention the lateral stability beiong screwed up.

Gimminy, the weight of the empty plywood box alone is too much for its location.