01 October 2008

Some days you need a rainbow

rainbow tires bike bicycle
Today the commute was fine, a crisp fall day, no one tried to kill me, I really can't complain. The skies are grey, there may be rain, but in the meantime we have this rolling rainbow. With the dull grey frame looking like storm clouds, the tires are a fun reminder that you need rain to find a rainbow. I've been saving this photo for a day like today. Here's a rainbow for you!


WestfieldWanderers said...

Thank you for the rainbow!

I am now lusting after tyres like those.

The lilac bar tape is seriously cool!

mtblawgirl said...

Glad to see that you're commuting. Just know that we're all riding with you. :)

m e l i g r o s a said...

very cute! How can this not make anyone smile <3
be safe out there my pretty and ditto/mtblawgirl we are riding the planet :)
xo/ meli

Ray said...

Rivendell sells those tires.
here but only in 584 ERD aka 650B size.

It looks like that bike was converted from 700c wheels to the smaller diameter 650B wheels, and given new brakes to allow for these fatter tires.

See this and this.

It's a good idea, but unless your wheels and tires need replacing, it can be expensive - but for an old unused bike that normally takes skinny tires, it can be a way to make a road bike more comfortable and useful, especially for city riding with Boston-area road surfaces.

The "Protovelo" decal cinches that it was a Rivendell-supplied conversion. Looks like an old Trek, no?

Charlotte said...

Ray, that is some impressive sleuthing!