15 October 2008

Handlebar Handbag

I thought she was looking awfully pretty on her old bike.


Hi! I'm Ruby said...

oh she is! this is the best way to protect our environment. economic-crisis buster. i do that, too. i'm on my bicycle going to work everyday.

mtblawgirl said...

Oh I was hoping you actually made a purse using a handlebar! (I just saw a video where a guy was playing an old handlebar as a musical instrument ie the flute)

Anonymous said...

Chicago Schwinn 3-spd probably no younger than 30-yrs. Looks nicely maintained or even possibly recently refurbed, don't notice any rust tinting of the rims or fenders and the red looks bright.

Excellent city bike, sensible lady.

Anonymous said...

You were right! Val

m e l i g r o s a said...

very nice!!!
what a lovely schwinn <3

lagatta à montréal said...

Very few Schwinns up here. More CCMs, Raleighs, Peugots etc.

Harder to steal than all the handbags one sees in bicycle baskets!