20 October 2008

DIY Spoke Reflector

CD as bicycle spoke reflectorI saw this gentleman, C, going out on Saturday night. I was taken with his style and particularly his DIY, extremely practical, spoke reflector, which he graciously allowed me to photograph. On the right city bike I think this would look very natural, the urban simplicity thus chic. It really depends on the bike, I can't see this with my bike...

Initially I thought this would be a good use of any old archival CDs, but then I realized that it might not get scratched quickly enough and someone could make off with data. So I think I would follow C's lead and only use CDs found in the street. Hopefully there won't be any major secrets on those!

C invited me, and all of you, to the Cambridge Bicycle Committee meetings, the second Wednesday of the month.

Finally, several encounters over the weekend have led me to the following observation, what do you think?
bike bicycle beard facial hair


Thom said...

I think there is a positive correlation between cool facial hair and 3-speed or older single-speed male riders, most certainly. We're less concerned about wind resistance, you see. In fact, I've been known to deploy the chops for extra drag when braking down hill.

John-Paul said...

Just put the CD in a microwave for three to five seconds. You'll get a neat light show and I GUARANTEE that the data will be unrecoverable! (And no, it won't damage your microwave.)

Cool facial hair and bikes...you didn't happen to go to the ANT Bike open house in Holliston this weekend, did you?


antbikemike said...

Hmmm Interesting;)

Charlotte said...

Why yes John-Paul, I did, and had the best time!

Beautiful bikes, beautiful people, beautiful day, beautiful bike ride through red and orange and yellow leaves. It was a lot of fun.

Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Dear Charlotte,

I have succumbed to popular pressure and posted a picture of Nick's beard. Seeing as you started this debate I think it is only fair that you come and visit my blog to give us your opinion on his face fuzz.

Jake Velovotee