19 March 2009

Funky Mix(te)

She's got it all goin' on! I LOVE the gold leather jacket.


Anonymous said...

Wow-That's a lot of look.
I like a lot of the elements, but... it's a LOT of look.
Hate to say this, but I think I'd like the look better off the bike- maybe it's one of those "take off one piece before you leave the house things" although the bike is a cutie.
More power to her though, she's definitely got personal style.

Charlotte said...

That's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Looks like a couple of Italian mixtes I've seen online recently.

Courtnee said...

I love the legwarmers. Legwarmers are very useful and I feel like I'm on "Fame" when I wear them.

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring!!!

I've been clicking on some of my favourite photos to see them full-size - I love that pink bicycle; anyone know what it is?

Yes, while I love the jacket, her outfit is a bit too "bariolé". (rainbow-coloured). But she is certainly showing style and thought about how she dresses on her bicycle.


In honour of the nice weather ahead, some photos with a LOT of lycra, but not commuters or putterers - top athletes. My neighbourhood (la Petite Italie) plays host to the Critérium stage of the Women's World Cup, and it is always great fun to sip a coffee while watching the ultra-fit whizz by on their high-performance bicycles.

Charlotte said...

I would LOVE to know which images you like best. I've been going through and trying to tag the ones that I like.

Also, your link is so exciting! Allez les filles!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to find some more time to go back through the best images.

Here is more on the Women's World Cup events - I have only been to the ones in my neighbourhood (Petite Italie) and on our so-called "mountain".

This should be bilingual but I don't know if everything is translated yet.

It is a great morale boost to see it. We know how underfunded and underreported high-level women's sport is.


It is from June 1-4 this year, which I know is not always an easy time to get away from work for a holiday or short break, as often a lot has to be wrapped up before high summer.

Then I'll go into my rant about how poor TRAIN links are between Boston and Montréal, and how much better they were 60 years ago.