12 March 2009

Bike Makeover #7: Bright blue Fuji

repainted Fuji bike

before photo Fuji bikeMy friend "Baldman" is at it again. This time he had a largely complete bike but the paint was deteriorating in several places and the whole bike needed some TLC. He repainted in sky blue, adding cream colored panels on the body. Then he custom-made decals like he'd done for Amanda's bike. The use of the gold was not planned, he'd run out of the colors he'd planned to use. It looks great with the leather of the saddle and the DIY mudguards he makes. He still plans to shellac the grips which will darken the brown.

Will anyone else help me convince him to open an Etsy shop selling these mudguards?

DIY decals bike panel paint jobIt seems that "La Stronzo" is self-deprecating Italian. You can look it up if you want to, but I'm not going to do it for you here.


lagatta à montréal said...

It should be "Lo Stronzo". Now literally, that is something that adorns city streets this time as year as the snow melts, since not all dog owners clean up after their furry friend, but it is a common mild cussword in Italian, which can mean an offensive or annoying person, or as Baldman intends, be self-deprecating or even affectionate. The feminine (applied to persons and female objects like la bicicletta, not to the literal meaning), is La Stronza. But perhaps his usage is some kind of deliberate quirk.

It is one lovely bicycle. Strepitosa!

the calitexican said...

i love his decals. i'm thinking of making my own for a new-to-me mixte i've got my eye on. does he have a special decal maker or is it a laser printer with special paper?

Sunny said...

He (baldy) is truly a miracle worker when it comes to bike restoration... just gorgeous work! I'd send him my Panasonic if only he lived closer.

Dottie said...

Nice job! A Brooks saddle adds so much class to any bike (plus so comfy).

Andrew said...

Nice nice nice. Any way we could get details on how he does both the paint and the decals? I have a few frames I'd love to deck out like that.

Any bike with a Brooks, A-Bars, and cork grips is just right in my book.

slenten said...

Nice work...but Fuji Anthracite grey with understated livery, even with damaged paint, was so much better!