15 March 2009

Guest Photos: Sunday Seven

How's this for a girly bike?

My friend C spotted this Seven parked in Harvard Square, and apologizes for cell-phone camera quality, though I think it's fine. We can see the bike.

Does anyone know what that style of handlebar is called? I've never seen it before. The striped fenders are new to me too.


dr2chase said...

Those rims need a little help. Some Pink Deep V's would combine fashion (erk!) and function.

The Bronze Bombshell said...

If the Cheshire Cat rode a bike it would look like that. I love the fenders!

Chiara Kael said...

the handle bars look like a cross between north road and the back of a chair from ikea... love it!

Joe Mizereck said...

Charlotte, good morning. I was just in your wonderful city this past weekend. I was so impressed. Boston is so alive. I've never seen so many people walking, riding bikes, running and cycling...living life. I was intoxicated by all the movement and things going on around me. And the women, you were all so attracive and smartly dressed. Classy. Even more intoxicating. I didn't want to come home to Tallahassee.

I did notice many of the cyclists not wearing helmets and just doing their own thing on the streets. That worried me. Other than that...a remarkable city.

Joe Mizereck

Anonymous said...

Love the bike!!! :D