16 March 2009

Update: Cheshire Cat Bike

So wouldn't you know, the day I posted the pink Seven bicycle I got to see it myself, in person. C saw it in Harvard Square, I saw it early Sunday morning on Newbury Street. The bike is so well thought out when you see it in person, so I took lots of photos for you. I think Sweet Georgia Brown got it just right in her comment, if the Cheshire Cat rode a bike, this is what the cat would choose. And I think we all know what kind of smile this girl has as she rides this bike!
girl ladies Seven titanium bicycle pink silver customI hadn't previously noted the pink anodized cranks, and the pink Chris King headset. It's like subtle bike jewelry.

custom made titanium rear pannier rack Seven bicycle bikeWe were most impressed by her custom curvy titanium rack. Isn't that gorgeous? Makes me want to learn to work with metal, just so that I can make one too. Incredible.

custom titanium handlebars Seven cycles
I'm now of the opinion that these handlebars were custom made for her bike, probably from titanium they had in the shop. Clearly this lady, or someone who cares about her, is a bike builder at Seven Cycles.


Thom said...

Sounds like you need to do some bike-stalking and meet this rider!

Samuel said...

This bike is awesome! I hate the look so much, but respect the work even more.

Anonymous said...

Why assume it's a lady?

Carolyn said...

Oh! It's so cute! I like it.

Charlotte said...

I have a great uncle who lied about his weight to go to WWII (he was too small to join the Army). He wears shoes from the boys section even now.

This bike would be too small for him.

It could be an unsupervised child's bike, I suppose. Do you think it belongs to a 12-year-old boy?

The Bronze Bombshell said...

It looks like the rider's helmet is pink too. Get it, gurl!

I say, "gurl," because I don't think a 12-year-old boy has the fashion since to mix patterns--the star-patterned handlebars and the striped fenders--like that. Unless that boy is the next John Galliano. However, boys today are more "advanced" in their idea of masculinity, at least as it regards colors. I encountered a boy in Target with his mom buying pink batting gloves because it's his favorite color.

Anonymous said...

This is a great commuter! What you can do if you'd like is leave a note on the bike saying something along the lines of hey nice bike I'd like to meet you and find out the details. Then leave a number or location (neutral location with lots of people around...a coffee shop)and see what happens. It's like a cyclist blind date.

jj said...

i can't imagine there are too many 12 year old boys riding a ~$6000 bike around, can you? yeah, i think the assumption that it belongs to a female rider is safe.

Charlotte said...

I found the Cheshire Cat rider!!! Just virtually though.