11 March 2009

Winter Bikes of Boston

rusty chain derailleur bike bicycle BostonToday is a dark rainy day here. I am hoping that by sharing all the winter photos of bikes around Boston which I've not yet published maybe I can drive winter out of town.

Check out these tough bikes that, with more or less grace, have withstood the winter of 2008-2009.

silver grey dutch bike Boston bicycleThis "Dutch" bike looks so sturdy with her fenders and the chaincase fully enclosed. On this day it seemed more to protect the chain than to protect the rider's trousers. I am sure there's much less salt in there than on my bike! I am not so sure about leaving the helmet outside though. Could be icky.
silver grey Dutch bike Boston bicycle

Dawes bike bicycle Boston snowMy Dawes ran like a champ, despite the enormous piles of snow.

ANT bike Boston bicycle snowThis ANT was waiting in an office park with quiet dignity. In summertime these racks are full of all manner of bikes. In winter it's just the ANT.
ANT bike Boston bicycle snow

Schwinn coffee townie bike bicycle snowI was happy to see a Schwinn Coffee in person. They look so nice in the catalog, but the price is so low, I wondered what they'd be like in person. They seem like a good choice for a city bike if one really wants an affordable shiny unscratched NEW bike. I think one can do better for the money second-hand, but if that's not an option then this certainly is a reasonable one.

old three speed bike BostonHere's the affordable second-hand option, a mis-mash of Raleigh parts in typical Bostonian 'function-trumps-all'. This is certainly a winter battle-wagon, and chic in its own eccentric way.

Yeay bikes!


Lynn said...

What a great selection of bikes you've spotted! I love the hammered fenders on your bike and the ANT. Who makes them? The Batavus reminds me of a Vespa scooter. I hate to see it chained to a parking meter, although it's probably too heavy for most people to lift over the top anyway. Also, I hope the owner will realize before it's too late that her helmet has been left in the line-of-fire of any passing dog, never mind the rain. Thanks for letting us click through to the larger photos - I love seeing the details on the bikes.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Lynn!
You are right about the helmet being at dog level, I hadn't even thought of that.
The hammered fenders are made by Honjo, and I really think they're worth the splurge.

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

Nice post. I would be fearful though riding in the ice and the snow.

spiderlegreen said...

I leave my helmet on my bike all the time. Do crooks steal bike helmets? I can't see them being the type to wear one. I worry less about getting stuff stolen off my bike in the winter because I don't think most people are thinking bikes in the winter, and so their aren't thinking about where they can get a bike.

So that's what that Schwinn is called. Coffee. I came across a guy riding one and posted a picture of it a few days ago. It's a cool looking bike.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Goggles Piasano Ritardo!

I think the question you have to ask yourself is 'what would I do if I weren't riding through the snow and ice?'

It's possible that prospect might engender more fear!

Charlotte said...

No, I don't think crooks steal helmets. Lynn and I were both concerned about the helmet getting wet - either from snow and ice, or as she pointed out, a passing dog. Dog owners don't seem to realize that bikes (and helmets) are different from fire hydrants...

Thom said...

Hey, your reflective sidewalls are still reflective!

melancholic optimist said...

It's certainly much less dangerous to ride a bike in the snow than to drive a car.

Well, it's much less dangerous to ride a bike pretty much anytime, anywhere, than to drive a car.

I saw a picture of an ANT that was at the national handmade bike show recently - pretty bikes.

Nice to see US bike makers getting back into making practical bikes again!

spiderlegreen said...

Ain't no dog going to piss on my bike! Lol

I'll take my chances riding bike on snow and ice, over sitting in a car all winter. It's one of those things that once you do it, you find that it isn't so bad. But don't be stupid about it. I actually enjoy riding in snow storms. That's fun.

Dottie said...

Cool bikes! I would freak if I saw an ANT in real life.

lagatta à montréal said...

The step-through (women's) version of the Coffee is called the Cream - odd name without the Coffee reference. Attractive bicycle. They seem liked, but there don't seem to be enough sizes.