04 March 2009

In Like A Lion

This winter isn't giving us very many breaks.
This morning was 20 degrees F, -8 degrees C. Strong, cold wind out of Canada. Brrrr.


Chiara Kael said...

Blame Canada! lol

the land of snow,ice and bicycles..

keep warm charlotte.. spring is almost here..

spiderlegreen said...

Looks like Minnesota. Keep riding. You can always put clothes on.

Anonymous said...

The end of winter may actually have arrived to Iowa on The Mississippi River (we have our fingers crossed anyway).

lagatta à montréal said...

Ce n'est pas juste!

Beaucoup de bicyclettes sorties à Montréal aujourd'hui - il fait autour de 0c et beau soleil.

The dump of snow missed us, but even a bit southeast (between Mtl and the Vermont border) got it like you did.

Alas I'm not taking it because I was working at home all day - I'm going out now to give a workshop but I'll walk there and perhaps take the bus back if I'm tired later in the evening. I don't want to ride after dark first thing. The cars don't see us (though I always have lights) and there can be patches of ice. Oh dear, getting too cautious in middle age.

She Rides a Bike said...

We're having a little warm spell in Northern Arizona where at 7000 ft it gets pretty cold. But even with the break in the weather it is still in the mid-20's in the morning and despite my thick bike gloves my finget tips were so numb the other morning I wondered if I would be able to steer. We need the water but only one more snowfall and I'm ready for spring.