18 March 2009

Springtime Helmet

bike helmet decorated with a flower
OK, it is probably not truly chic but it makes me smile.

Here's my helmet on the shelf in my office after our ride in today. I was inspired by the toddler's helmet cover but the flower is a $5 corsage from H&M. It is placed on the left so the drivers of cars can see it. They were a lot friendlier today, many more smiles and waves. I may have to leave the flower on!


Trisha said...

That is a *really* cute idea! I will have to try that this spring.

Dottie said...

I may have to steal this idea :)

Martha said...

I think I saw you at the intersection of Beacon and Washington/Kirkland at about 9 this morning -- either that or your helmet has a doppleganger! Either way, it's an awesome helmet idea, and I definitely want to try it.

Charlotte said...

That would be me!
I hope I smiled and waved.