05 August 2008

Bike Makeover #5: Spring Green Mixte (Updated)

wine crate mixte makeover bike bicycle
This is the second in the series of artistic mixte makeovers by "Baldman". I think it is just so exciting to see what is possible with old bikes.

This bike was a $30 garage sale find. Here is the obligatory "before" photo, note the dreaded drop handlebars:

Nishiki mixte bike bicycle
On this bike he spent a great deal of time cleaning up the drive train, and the frame now features three shades of paint, two on the tubes and a darker green for the lugs:

bike mixte bicycle conversion
As before it was about $25 in materials and four days of time, though he acknowledges that the bike would be better served by more time to cure between coats of paint. I think the bike still looks great!

He's even able to make his own decals.

I hope I was part of the inspiration for the wine crate. He was smarter than me and cut his down to a more reasonable size before attaching it to the bike.

And just because I have it, here's a photo of his darling dog - too cute!

cute pooch


Anonymous said...

But...it came with a rear rack. Where's the rear rack? This bike is screaming for a rear rack...

Charlotte said...

I'm guessing the rack from this one went onto the Western Mixte. It has one that looks suspiciously familiar!

Thom said...

"I think it is just so exciting to see what is possible with old bikes."

I vigorously second the motion. Ride Old!

Tom said...

How come I only find huffys at garage sales?

Nick Johnson said...

I did a bike make-over in spring: http://flickr.com/photos/npj/sets/72157604756658744/

Anonymous said...

Your friend's photography doesn't do justice to his creations. I suspect he's forgetting to properly select his camera's white-balance.

Love the Corgi.

Charlotte said...

I'm thinking the font for "Amanda" is pretty close to the font for "Merlot". Doubt that is by chance...

The Great Bald One said...

Funny thing is that I didn't plan that.
I just picked a font that I thought looked nice for her name. I didn't notice until later how similar it was to the Merlot.

I guess I'm just that awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.

Dreaded(!) drop handlebars.
They are not so bad, and while I appreciate North Road and similar handlebar bends, I have no hate for the drop bars. It's not the bar bend that's bad, it's the stem height.
And that can be addressed with a NITTO Technomic stem with long quill, or a "dirt drop" angled stem, or a threadless stem with an angle that puts the bar higher.

The drop bars offer many hand positions, which can be very useful!


I think the helmet doesn't match the outfit. Other than that, Thumbs Up!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have my own mixte that I've been trying to clean up. I kept the drop handlebars, because I like them. But I'm desperate to understand how you did the paintjob on under $30??? I've painted mine twice (with rustoleum spray paint) but haven't managed to get it to look like I didn't get it from some dodgy geezer on brick lane! your advice welcome!

JPTwins said...


I'm revisiting this post because i also just got a mixte for my wife and it needs some serious color TLC, but i also don't want to cover up the classy Motobecane logos and pinstripes. Who is this "Baldman" and how can we learn more about his stupendous paint jobs?

Also, can I just say that motobecanes have some seriously messed up sizings for their components. probably should have bought a fuji!


Charlotte said...

Baldman is a friend in California, and I don't know what you can do if you don't want to cover up what's already there. I know that the automotive stores have paint restorers, you could try those.

What color is this motobecane?

JPTwins said...

well, i'm colorblind, but it's a cream color. There are some scratches near the head tube and some discoloration elsewhere, but i'm not yet sure how much it really matters. i might go to a paint store or automotive store to see if they have a similar touch up paint.

pictures to come when it's done!

Charlotte said...

I suggest the automotive store for paint buffer, etc. but for touch up paint you can't beat nailpolish. It even comes in small sizes. Harder to find a range in greens and yellows but for my husband's red bike we got just the right shade, and I bet that if your wife looked in the French manicure section she'd have her choice of creamy colors. Plus a French manicure enamel on a French bike makes a lot of sense. :)

Velouria said...

Charlotte, I have been looking at these photos over and over for the past 2 months!

This post of yours plus this Cilo mixte transformation that I found on Cyclofiend have filled me with Mixte madness.

They've also made me realise that I would rather go the vintage restoration route than buy a modern bike. There is something magical about giving new life to a vintage road bike, and in some ways the bicycles in these make-over stories look more bespoke and personalised than the made-to-order bikes.

Charlotte said...

Filigree, your words are true, and prophetic. :)