08 August 2008

Going Green (with a brown basket)

Bike Boston is looking chic, even in the rain. An ensemble that coordinates with her bike indicates the bike was probably chosen for its aesthetics, in addition to it evident practicality.


Anonymous said...

Kinya swipe her green front fender at the same time you swipe that other lady's blue rear one for me? Still have that Sturmey Archer front DynoHub to trade forem. 8^)

Charlotte said...

Awww Alf, I know you don't really mean that - that's why you sold the complete bike to the nice lady. These bikes that are out and getting used need their fenders - particularly yesterday.

Can anyone help me find a front green and a rear blue fender for Raleigh Sports for my friend here? If I get them for him he's offered me my dream hub... :)

2whls3spds said...

Wait till I get home and I might up the bid ;-) (I may have a spare dyno hub) Just a spotters note; if you see a white blaze on the rear fender the bike is a)most likely of British manufacture or b) was made for the UK market. FWIW my Raleigh Superbe was "imported" from the Boston area.