02 August 2008

The Most Chic Cyclist in Boston 2008

OK, I can quit this blog now - I've seen it all. Of course I was out on my road bike this morning and didn't have my camera with me so I can't share it with you.

This morning I encountered a Dutch woman (by her accent), dressed in lovely clothes, riding sedately on an elegant 3-speed bike with A PARROT ON HER SHOULDER! I couldn't believe it! She says they do it almost every day. I'm going to stake out Vassar Street and get a photo for you all, it was incredible.

OK readers, what are you going to do to best a cycling parrot?


Nahuel said...

We want pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Washington Post article

I think I saw that woman in Cambridge at Danehy park.
Was it an African Grey?

Charlotte said...

Great article in the Washington Post - thanks for linking that!

Yes, I think the parrot was an African Grey.

2whls3spds said...

FWIW ;-) We have guy that wanders the roads around here with his cat in the front basket. It appears to be a Japanese Bobtail. I asked if I could take a picture but he preferred not.


Le radici degli alberi said...

When I was i child in my hometown during summer times there was this old man with a big grey parrot on his bike. He was allways on his handlebar. It was amazing.