01 August 2008

She Likes It!!!

College bike for little sisterAs reported by Mom:

My Bike?

For College?

No Way!

That is Awesome!

I love the color!

What a cool bike!

I'd say the bike looks like it fits her pretty well! It was a tall order but a 22" frame looks great. Safe trails to you S.

love, C

bike for college university


WestfieldWanderers said...


The lady looks good on the bike.

The smile says it all!

Well done!

Krista said...

Aww, that's so nice of you! My baby sister is going to college in less than two weeks (boo hoo!) and I've been pressing her to get a bike. That's so cool that your sister loves it!

Anonymous said...

get her a lock or three.
college bike theft is growing.
can she keep it indoors? it will last a lot longer that way.

WestfieldWanderers said...

Perhaps she'll be able to park it on a table.

Just like her sister does!

gwadzilla said...

nothing short of beautiful

great smile
great bike
a winning combination

lagatta à montréal said...

She has the long legs to wear short skirts if she doesn't wear trousers or shorts... so I guess the "men's" frame is ok.

Funny how people in the US say "college" to mean university - in Canada a college means a technical college, here in Québec a CÉGEP (Collège d'éducation générale et professionnelle - College for general and vocational education) a kind of trunk uniting technical studies and pre-university studies.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte -

Just was remembering the post about you being such a cool sister that you got that bike for your lil sis -
Do you have an update of her on campus? Perhaps with a pic of her riding in style in a skirt?

as always, great blog
- man

Charlotte said...

Hey man,
I've been asking her for a college photo for a while now. I'll bug her again. She says she's busy with these things called "papers", she refers to them by the number of pages they must contain, rather than the content therein.

I remember those days!

I'll see about getting a photo even still.