14 August 2008

White dress in the sun

Yesterday was a beautiful day for Bike Boston - lots of people were out. My noon meeting was canceled (due to perfect weather!) and even I got out for a joy ride. It was a perfect day.


Vanessa said...

it sure was. I was supposed to go to work ( read: my one day to bike commute to the train) but the babysitter was sick. so I was stuck at home, hauling them around and wishing I was on my bike.

-signed very inpatiently waiting for peapods to be back in stock...

lagatta à montréal said...

Lovely! A vision in white!

I wasn't working (for pay) yesterday, so I got caught up on housework that required dry, sunny weather, such as washing an oriental rug in the bag. Did cycle a bit though (think Boston weather has been very similar to ours here in Montréal).