04 August 2008

Mounting a chainguard

Here is the evidence that my little sister's bike formerly had a chainguard - there are two (well three) mounting points below:
attaching a chainguard bike bicycle

I found her an inexpensive but pretty chainguard at Monotomy Vintage Bicycle, and now I hope for help in deciding how to mount it.

chainguard mounting

The top point is easy, there is a hole drilled in the chainguard, we just have to find a bolt that won't interfere with the chainring.

The rear connection is more complicated. That mounting bit is meant to have another piece and attach to the chainstay.

I wonder if it would be better to get a different piece of metal, attach and rotate that one quarter turn clockwise, drill another hole further back through both the chainstay and the metal piece to stabilize it with a second connection, and then mount it to the frame with the frame's rear attachment point?

Or perhaps there's yet another option I'm not considering?


2whls3spds said...

Wald at waldsports.com still makes nice chrome chain guards in varying sizes. I suspect the bike in question had one of the longer style ones to begin with.

What is the length from the front of the chainwheel to the rear mount point? I may be able to scare up an old painted one that could be repainted.


Roadrider said...

Definitely make an extension so the rear of the chainguard can be attached to the existing seatstay braze-on. The chainline with the chain on the small cog may interfere with the stock clamp-on chainstay attachment since that Wald chainguard is really intended for non-derailleur bikes. I've had one on my single-speed for at least 25 years and the chainstay clamp has always been a bit of a problem.

Charlotte said...

Gosh - I'm sure not seeing them!

I'll ask my family to measure that distance. Thanks for the idea!

2whls3spds said...

Charlotte, you may have to go to the main website and download the pdf catalog. http://waldllc.com/catalog.html

I know they still make them...I just ordered one for a bike I have been working on. With the free wheel in the back a bit of judicious trimming may be necessary to keep from fouling the chain.