20 August 2008

Golden Girl

older lady on a bike
Hurray for ladies of all ages on bikes!


ECS said...

I saw a woman of about that age this morning biking along the sea in her red high heels, and thought, "that's who I wanna be at her age"

mel21clc said...

I love that her fanny pack strap looks like it coordinates with her bike.


i've been seeing this a lot more lately myself! the last woman i saw had a laura ashley type full skirt with a floppy hat, bright red cheeks, and the biggest smile i've seen that early in the morning. she made my day.

glad to see it seems to be a bicoastal thing!

lagatta à montréal said...

I've seen cyclists in their 80s in Amsterdam. The point is keeping on with it lifelong, health permitting.