01 August 2008

Shhhh - It's a Surprise Bike

college campus bike
My baby sister is going off to college this month. We found her the perfect campus bike - it's got a rack and fenders, lights and upright handlebars. It's her size and her favorite color. It was a Craigslist special, the price was right, and it's an off-brand, not much of a target for theft. I admit, it bears a bit of a resemblance to my own bike.

I think it will be perfect. She gets to find it this morning, with a bow on the handlebars. I hope she calls me soon!

What do you think though - that seat looks kinda uncomfortable to me... She's in Colorado so I'm just going by the photos this time.


WestfieldWanderers said...

Not only a surprise, but a seriously chic, cool and eminently practical machine, too.

Well done on an inspired purchase!

SunnyS said...

Nice find from CL! :-) She'll love it.

Peg Bowles said...

Mom is making her wait a bit longer. I need to fashion a bow first! She gets to see it when she gets back from checking out the US Senior Open golf tournament which is in our town this week.

Stay tuned...