17 August 2008

Other bag posts

A week ago I posted a question about bags on bikes and what you keep in them. Many people responded directly in the comments there.

Some responses can be found at other blogs:
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Tiago (Ride'N'Desire) wrote to me directly:
"Malheureusement je n'utilise pas de sac cycliste. Juste mon porte feuille avec documents et argent. Si j'ai un problème avec le vélo, je prends le metro et je retourne à la maison chercher les outils. Mais je pense qu'en plus de 15 ans à faire du vélo, c'est arrivé 2/3 fois maximum."

For the non-francophones:
"Unfortunately, I don't use a bike bag. Just my wallet with ID and money. If I have a problem on my bike I take the metro back home to get my bike tools. But after more than 15 years cycling that's only happened 2-3 times."

This got me thinking - perhaps it's a New World, "boy scout - be prepared" kinda thing to carry supplies around the city? Then my husband reminded me of his 5 flats in one morning trying to get to work in Paris. The glass was just awful that day. How do you do it Tiago???

I don't know. Perhaps some of us are just more lucky than others?


Jules Evans said...

Hey, interesting post. I bike in London and I don't carry any tools at all... if something happens I'll lock up my bike and come back later to fix it, or take it to the nearest shop.

I guess I'm lazy!

Pierre Phaneuf said...

As I mentioned before, me neither, no tools. Five flats in one commute, though, that's a lot! Even if I had tools, I would have given up before that. :-)

I had a flat caused by broken glass recently, myself, just left the bike at work and went to the nice folks at Belleville Cycle Co-op down the street, the next day. The mechanic there even explained to me how to avoid this particular kind of flat in the future.

DazzLynn! said...

I live in SF and have been biking for about a year now. I took an "urban riding class" and the instructor told us the most important thing to have on you when riding in the city is cab fare.

I had a flat at work and just put my bike on the bus to get it home to fix it.

Tiago said...

hey !!! It's my email there... gosh I just have missed this post ! Yes I guess I'm lucky... 5 flat's in one morning ? The glass was inside the wheel or what ?
I don't carry any tools with me but like I mentioned in my email, I love to do by bike mecanics and I have looooooooads of tools... It's just like gardening, a nice thing to chill out...