12 August 2008

Retro Fenders

bicycle fenders
I love my hammered Honjos, but these faceted fenders are gorgeous enough to tempt me. They look so very retro.

Photo from Vélo Orange.


Anonymous said...

Those are good fenders. I spray painted them black and put them on my Rainforest Green Trek 520.


lagatta à montréal said...

My fenders are plain black ones (the original fenders on my ladies' black Raleigh Sprite were missing when I bought her), but I'm looking with interest at the ideas on attractive reflective designs - hoping I can buy some or find some tape to make them myself.

In the UK, the Raleigh, at least in its day, would have been obliged to have the bottom part of its rear fender (mudguard) painted white, but I'd rather have a design, and something more reflective than that.

Charlotte said...

I once saw some lovely DIY designs on a fender, you might consider something similar.