31 May 2008

Seen on the street

bike fender safety modification reflective
I followed this woman down Broadway yesterday. See those "X"s on her fender? Of course you did, you can't miss them. Isn't that brilliant? What an easy way to gain visibility without having to remember anything or do anything special (once you've taped your fenders with reflective tape).

It could be done nicely with these vine stickers too, at least for night. I think the vines would look best as a stripe down the center, perhaps on a green bike, while these flat Xs look a little corset-like and are perfect on this black bike.


JPTwins said...

The three X's probably represent the city symbol of Amsterdam (seeing as we're talking about bikes!)
"They’re three St Andrew's crosses, believed to represent the three dangers which have traditionally plagued the city: flood, fire, and pestilence."

but yes, pretty cool design.

Charlotte said...

I know St. Andrew! That's really cool, thanks!