14 May 2008

Acidulé - Lemon Lime

Schwinn Suburban green with pretty girl
Punchy colors say "spring!", and we're all ready for that! I think the green with yellow is just what we all need right now.

This lovely lady chose her Schwinn Suburban because it is so cute, and because the price was very near the price of a cup of coffee. We don't see deals like that in Boston, she bought hers in Holyoke. It was the steal of the century, as she now describes it as her "around town Cadillac", getting her comfortably to her destination in style.


Comment from a reader:

Schwinn SuburbanYes ma'am, the SUBURBANs do ride like a Cadillac. For over a year now my favorite rider Schwinn has been my Chestnut colored 1980 ladies Suburban. Since my first ride on it a year ago in April, I have been calling it my Cadillac Bike. I like it so much I invested in a BROOKS "Glenbrook" saddle bag for it. Even built a new set of wheels for it using a pair of the Schwinn lusciously graceful high-flange QR hubs laced with new DT D/Butted SS spokes into the original rims.
This SUBURBAN being my personal favorite bike was the reason I was able to invest so much heart and soul into building up Eliza Doolittle, another SUBURBAN.


Anonymous said...

yea man. not to mention the sexy rider pictured above..

she puts the superb in that particular 'around town'!

Krista said...

I have a 1974 Schwinn Suburban, bright green, and I completely love it. It rides like a dream. My boyfriend has a mountain bike and is waaay jealous.

chic cyclist said...

I'm jealous, they're cute bikes with rave reviews.

Is he considering getting a townie of his own? Vintage Schwinns are still pretty reasonable in price, unlike some other vintage bikes...