30 May 2008

Ring my bell...

You are going to encounter pedestrians. A lot, a few, I can't know. I do know that a bell is the best way to alert them to your presence. Here are a few cute ones, please leave a comment if you know of others:

A classic from Rivendell:

Electrabike has many options including this cheery yellow:

Perhaps a ladybug for good luck? From WishingFish:

Blingarific from Abbey Hill Creations:

A very popular choice available in my LBS (local bike store) is this Jelly Bell (more colors are available):

And finally, my simple silver and black bell is perhaps the simplest of the many bells offered by Mirrycle:
Incredibell bike bell

1 comment:

darren said...

I rigged up a bell that operates with a brake lever. It's not that pretty, but it works, and it's different.

Also, Velo Orange has a wonderful steerer mounted brass bell, here's mine mounted up:

Happy riding!