18 May 2008

I am so impressed!

bicycle in heelsFor all of you who are concerned about navigating a city on a bike - this tiny attorney does it every day in four inch heels! I caught her on a casual Friday in her Coach raincoat and casual jeans, but she tells me I can find the 'pearls on a bike' contingent every month at Critical Mass. This is something I would like to see!

Until then I remain impressed by her skills, which she downplays. She points out that you really pedal with the balls of your feet, so why not wear heels? Indeed biking in heels is easier than walking in heels...

She makes it sound easy!


Mackenzie said...

Your blog is fantastic! Any bicycling blog that comments on the impeccable fashion and footwear of area bicycle folk is good in my book! I'm hopeful more and more people in Minneapolis will take to the "I can bike in my everyday clothes" attitude. I personally just hop on and go most days. Though there's an appeal to using my bicycling tendencies as an excuse to wear yoga pants to work!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and thank you for the comment. I had no idea anyone outside my circle of friends ever caught sight of it. Cool!

Charlotte said...

Well, I confess to a trend that direction myself, and I try to stay inspired by the other lovely ladies out there on their bikes - here in Boston, in MN, and across the country as well as overseas. I'm excited that it is an idea gaining traction - you can conduct your daily life on a bicycle (and it's more fun!)

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your blog!