01 May 2008

Bike fashion: Pedal Pushers

I recently bought my first pair of pedal pushers. Some know them as capri pants, cropped pants, clam diggers.

I've been avoiding the trend these last few years because often cropped pants do no favors to the derrières of the ladies wearing them. That said, they were called "pedal pushers" in the 50s for a reason - they make a lot of sense on a bike.

So how to wear them fashionably?

Based on the photos of looks I like above, I think the key is to keep a slim silhouette and ensure that the hem/cuff hits at a flattering place on your leg. For me that's much further down than many women. I also needed to find a more tapered capri. I'd love to see a photo of good-looking "boot cut" capris - so far I think they're a really bad idea. Finally I think you need a shoe which complements the amount of leg you are showing. If your whole calf is exposed you'll want a heel, and possibly a skin-toned shoe to counteract the break in the line created by the trousers.

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