14 May 2008

Riding the T with your bike

Let's clear up a misconception - Bikes ARE allowed on the Boston subway. There is no additional fare charge for bikes, just enter through the extra-wide gate.

There are rules though:
  • Folded bikes can be transported any time. Regular bikes are allowed during non-peak hours (before 7AM, between 10AM and 4PM, after 7PM, and all day all weekend)
  • Regular bikes are only allowed on Blue, Red, and Orange lines. I wouldn't want to take my bike on the Green line anyway, those train cars are so tight as it is.
  • Don't hit anyone with your bicycle, and don't let it damage the train. Basic stuff. Also, they don't want you to ride inside the subway stations or taking your bike on an escalator.
  • Due to safety considerations and congestion, cyclists with bikes may not enter or exit the following stations: Park Street, Downtown Crossing, and Government Center
There is a flyer available for download here.

Photo by smchevrette


JPTwins said...

Funny, I was contemplating how I could expand the repertoire of place i bring my kids in their trailer and thought that maybe taking the T (with bike and trailer) could be fun. But then the reality of lugging all that stuff on and off the train hit me. I just have to learn to ride longer distances with the kids.

Have you ever biked on the T?

Taking the commuter rail is also another possibility.

chic cyclist said...

I have indeed taken both the T and the commuter rail. I used the T to bring home my beloved Yellow Raleigh from Braintree to my apartment. I actually got off early so I could ride, and never bothered with the subway again.

I have taken many commuter rail trains. A favorite ride of ours is to go ride from the apartment to Lowell or Newburyport, see the shops, have dinner, and then take the commuter rail home. It is very easy. I've never had a single issue with the bikes, though some train conductors really like to tell you exactly where to sit. Others let you sit anywhere reasonable.

JPTwins said...

Wow, that sounds fantastic. I especially like the idea of riding somewhere and then railing it back.

We've also been thinking about using the commuter rail to start and end short camping trips nearby. We have yet to do that though, what with two three year olds and all.

thanks for the ideas!