16 May 2008

Jolly Bike sighted in Cambridge!

Jolly Bike Cambridge dutch bike lady

The name is apt - when you see a jolly bike you can't help but smile. I can now report that the owners club must be the most jovial group of people ever, they all chose to share their lives with Jolly Bikes!

chainguard dutch bikeThis lady loves hers. She says it is an ideal Cambridge bike because the area is flat and you don't need a zippy bike, but the roads are terrible. This bike is sturdy enough, with hefty enough tires, she feels confident taking on anything Cambridge can throw at her. She then pointed out to me that with a Jolly Bike she can ride in white trousers, no problems! (Hasn't she got great shoes too?)

1 comment:

mindcaster said...

I didn't know that name, yet. It's waaaaay better than 'Opoe fiets' (Granny bike) as it originally is :)