27 May 2008

CNN Breaking News!

CNN bike story
CNN reports today that more people are turning to cycling to offset our elevated fuel prices. I personally know of many women looking to change aspects of their lifestyles to integrate bikes; yet as reflected in the comments following that article, many don't know how to get started, what's most important, etc.

I'm happy to be a sounding board and help in any way I can, just email chiccyclist (at) yahoo (dot) com to chat. Or you are welcome to post a comment here and we'll all help if we can through the comments feature.


RidingPretty said...

Thanks Chic Cyclist for the heads up. Great eye to catch this reporting on what is surely a growing trend.

miss sarah said...

Living in Alberta (we have oil, a lot of it, and we're doing awful awful things to get it all out of the ground at an alarming rate), fuel prices are also soaring. Even though it snows like crazy here in the winter, it doesn't mean people can't switch gears in the summer!

I've been seeing WAY more bikes out this year which makes me so happy! And, a definite rise in the contingent of cute girls.