23 May 2008

Sweet and Sporty

sporty utility cyclist bike
The photo doesn't show it, but she has the prettiest pleating all around the collar of her dress. I love the dichotomy of how her handbag does, very correctly, match her shoes, but she's such a sport. She explained to me that she has had two road bikes stolen from her, so now she's got to ride her mountain bike. This worries her because she competes with the mountain bike - it CAN'T get stolen! I've got my fingers crossed for her.


Jillian said...

That is why I'm an advocateof long, snakish locks. I hope she doesn't lose this one too!

Someone should invent a "shock lock" that you can set to zap anyone who tries to remove it. hmmmmm...

chic cyclist said...

I heard a funny story about a would-be thief nabbing a fixed-gear bike. He stopped pedaling and endo-d right over the handlebars! The owner snickered and pulled his bike back from the wreckage.

I don't think I could go fixed-gear just for the booby-trapping aspect, but the story does make me smile.

Anonymous said...

When I was in eighth grade back in 1955 in a (then)rural far suburb of Chicago, one day the very pretty Sandy Walker swiped my JC Higgins 3-spd lightweight bike which I had been riding around with broken brake cables and no working brakes. Sandy had no idea what she was in for as she sped off away from me onto the township paved road and down the 1/4-mile steep hill with a 90-degree left corner turn at the bottom.

Perhaps 15 minutes later she came walking the bike up the hill, totally disheveled and bleeding from a swollen lip. My bike suffered a nasty kink in the previously smooth bends of the handlebar.

Poor Sandy didn't feel any better after Bob Wyczorek and I guffawed and back-slapped each other about the irony of her non-life threatening injured lip and shattered pride being her "wages-of-sin".

Gimminy, I'd forgotten all aboout that but now I know why I've been looking for a black mens JC Higgins 3-spd for the last year or so. And Sandy?, haven't seen her in 48 years; I wouldn't doubt though that she gracefully matured from pretty girl to beautiful woman.

chic cyclist said...

Alf, that is the cutest story!
I wonder if Sandy has that bike?

Sandy, if you're out there, what bike are you riding these days?