16 May 2008

A Gentleman and his Raleigh

suit sportcoat tie man on Raleigh three speed bike

gentleman on a Raleigh three speed bikeHow very civilized he looks with his classic bicycle, displaying true masculine cycle chic.

We discussed what a shame it is that the mayor did not use the opportunity of his ceremonial bike ride to show that a bike can be ridden in whatever he had one before the ceremony. However, we're lucky to have a pro-bike mayor, no one is complaining!


Anonymous said...

Love those old English 3-speeds!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an early 1972 or earlier Sports 3-spd.

I take it that the mayor? Is the bike his or was that a grab-me-a-bike-any-bike photo-op?

Anonymous said...

Hi I've just discovered your blog after suddenly getting really into bicycle blogs such as the delightful Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I was lamenting how dorky we have to look here in the U.S., but then I discovered your clever and creative take on things. I am moving to Western Mass this August and it will be easier to bike more there than where I live now and I am excited about your blog because, first, and irrelevantly perhaps it's a Massachusetts blog and, secondly, you've got a contagious enthusiasm, good ideas and resources. Thanks and keep up the good work!

chic cyclist said...

Hi Alf,
No, that's not the mayor, just an anonymous gentleman. The mayor wore a special-purpose cycling ensemble:

chic cyclist said...

Robin, stop! You're making me blush.

Thanks for the support!