08 August 2008

Bostonians in the Rain

Any day is a good day for Boston by Bike.

Boston bike rain
It was raining by the cyclists are out anyway. Cycle chic or practical, rain is no reason to stop riding.

leather coat cyclist
Some braved the weather in leather coats.

Cycling in the rain
Some stopped to put on a hoodie...

A white shirt and bag coordinate with a white-tipped fender.

rain gear cyclist
And others had head-to-toe rain gear.

We hauled things home, even if they get wet.

And we counted on our fenders to protect light-colored shorts...


Roadrider said...

Damn. Now I feel guilty for taking the car today!

Mr. Karate said...

I bike to work every day regardless of the weather, and I'm hoping to continue through a New England winter (Here's hoping). Unfortunately I haven't been doing this long, as is patently obvious by my little spill Wednesday.

I learned not to corner so quickly =P

Mr. Karate said...

I don't see why everyone gets so worked up over riding in the rain. So you get wet, so what? Are people afraid they'll melt in the rain?

Also, you and Copenhagen cycle chic have turned me to style over speed. My next bike will be a beautiful commuter. No lycra.