01 May 2009

Beautiful Bike Flowers

Happy May Day!

Yellow bike, pink flowers
Xue was the first to respond to the free Friday bike flowers, and here they are on her bike. I think they look better on hers than mine! Helps that her bike is so cute.

rolling with flowers on her bikeIt adds a nice touch of springtime, and when she's ready to move on the flowers come right off.

handlebar flowers on a yellow bikeThis photo of the bikes in the grass may be my favorite, just because it reminds me of lounging on a warm summer day. Happy bikes, happy day.

summertime bikes


She Rides a Bike said...

Just another reason why I love being a girl!

MELI. said...

so cute, isn't the best to chill on the grass with pals and bikes?!! ;D

lagatta à montréal said...

Hmm, hope this gets through your moderation, but I was thinking of that story about a couple having, er , carnal knowledge on the Queen's Lawn, and wondering if cavorting bicycles do the same... and produce little tricycles?

Spring has sprung! Though the photo yesterday was more in the spirit of May Day as International Workers' Day - a working bicycle, a working woman owner, Bread and Roses (slogan referring originally to a garment workers' strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts). This is more in the spirit of the maypole, and the lusty month of May.

Kelly said...

It does look great. I wonder what boys could put on there bikes? Lizards? Snails?

Dottie said...

Those are beautiful. I think you need to give step-by-step instructions :)

Cully_J said...

Beautiful yellow bike. The flowers just highlight its beauty.

Good job!

SK said...

i love the last image!

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