30 May 2009

Cape & Islands Photo Submission

From reader P, a bike report from his trip to the Cape and Islands:

Went to Nantucket for a day and here's what I saw.

1. Cool Cape Bike (notice the nice basket and the fishing pole holders on the back)

Cape Cod fishing bike bicycle

2. Free waterfront parking. Compared to $17 on the spot for a day, parking elsewhere in Hyannis (for free) and riding a bike nets big savings (is that chic or not?)

bike in Hyannis

3. Cool rentals

rental bikes Nantucket Massachusetts

4. Abandoned cruiser (This has been there for over a month and I'd love to know its story)

Nantucket cruiser bike

Charlotte would like to ask that, if possible, the comments to this post be written in the form of a limerick.
"There once was a bike in Nantucket..."


Anonymous said...

There once was a bike on Nantucket
Whose front wheel was stuck in a bucket
The thieves came and tried
With crowbars they pried
But seeing the U-lock said "f*ck it"

lagatta à montréal said...

Well, the problem is, the most obvious 2 rhymes would not meet the standards of good taste set by this blog.

Some more polite alternatives could incorporate truck it, tuck it, bucket or buck it, pluck it, luck it, duck it or muck it...

The Reluctant Traveler said...

I managed to find your blog
While surfing the 'net in a fog
I've been to the Cape
And this is no jape
That cruiser looks to be quite the dog.

MarkSF said...

There once was a bike from Nantucket,
Shift cable so taut you could pluck it,
Tourists wanting to play,
Rent this bike for the day,
But its basket looks more like a bucket!

HowardBollixter said...

I saw a neat bike in Nantucket,
Which was left in clear view and un-luckit.

It was clean and real purty,
not the least li'l bit dirty,

So I thumbed my nose at karma and tuck it.

(Like Tom Lehrer says about folk songs, "It don't matter if you put a few extra syllables into a line.")

dr2chase said...

the most obvious 2 rhymes would not meet the standards of good taste set by this blog.If you ask for limericks, especially Nantucket limericks, I think that a certain good-taste-waiver applies.

Though certainly, good taste in the face of such an adverse challenge, is something to be admired, not unlike chic in the face of Boston traffic (hmm, "chic, traff-feeck, we could do something with that...")