11 May 2009

Happy Bay State Bike Week!

It's Bike Week across the country. Who's excited? I'm excited!

There are lots of fun activities in MA, certainly something for everyone. I am having a hard time choosing which I'll attend but my general list is as follows: I know the pancake breakfast at Broadway Bikes is not to be missed - see you there tomorrow. Tomorrow night (while I have class) there will be a film screening that I wish I could attend.

Thursday has the Back Bay breakfast I'll surely stop in for, and then later in the day will be the Cambridge Bicycle Shop open house. A little birdie told me they're going to have Toscanini's so I think I'd better stop in there. I wonder if I can enter my bike for their “Best Commuter Bike Contest”? I finally got a silver rack for the rear (very excited!!!) but it's en route I don't think I'll have a matching set in time. Oh well. There are lots of other things going on there, it looks worth checking out.
UPDATE: the event at Cambridge Bicycle has been postponed due to nasty weather. The rain date will be next Thursday, same time, 6pm-9:30pm. Please help spread the word!

The Swiss Consulate invites you to breakfast on Friday. I already have plans with our local government (Mayor Menino's Bike Week Festival) but if I were coming from anywhere near the Consulate in Cambridge I'd stop by to see the Swiss too.

How about you? What are you doing for bike week?


Anonymous said...

I am all about the Broadway Pancake Breakfast and will be planning on stopping by the Harvard Square Au Bon Pain on Wednesday, but will be driving out of town for a long weekend on Thursday, so will be missing the rest of the festivities, alas.

Ah well, at least the Massbike Redbones party won't be until June. I would've been sad if I missed it this year.

Dottie said...

Chicago's Bike to Work Week is not until mid-June. I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun :) Then again, every week is my person bike to work week.

She Rides a Bike said...

I am doing it all! Today was the morning parade downtown; tomorrow is the after work ride over the urban trail; Wednesday are the breakfast stops and the evening bike forum, etc. I'm having a great time. I do hope someone is serving pancakes though. Maybe I should volunteer to do that next year!

Carice said...

I wear a dress every day of Bike week to try to show people that it's possible- unfortunately that meant I was at a construction site yesterday in a sheath dress and 3" heels!

Looking forward to some of the evening events this year!

freshkae said...

i just rode my bike into work for the first time, in honor of bay state bike week! and i think now that i've gotten over the fear of biking in traffic, i'm officially a bike-commute convert!