23 May 2009

Brompton Tail Light Modification

Planet Bike blinkie blinky tail light modification for a Brompton folding bike
My husband's only complaint about his Brompton has been the stock lighting system. He tried to use it for a while but eventually stripped it all off. It just wasn't worth the hassle.
I'd like him to use more lights on his bike, so when I saw this clever Brompton set-up I took photos for him. Then I realized that some of you might be interested too.
At first I thought it was a DIY bracket, but after visiting Bikes Not Bombs I saw that they sell a Planet Bike rack bracket for the Planet Bike light, and that must be what we see here.
What is important, and may not come across in the photos, is that the light is low profile enough that it's protected by the wheels on the rack and does not need to be removed to fold the bike.

Planet Bike blinkie blinky tail light modification for a Brompton folding bike


amberbyday said...

I am an Australian living in Sweden and LOVE the europena style bikes so much. I just had my dutchie bike stolen so am on the look out for another style. Great site of yours with lots of useful links. Thanks!

Velouria said...

Thanks for this post. My husband is thinking about getting a Brompton and this information will be useful.

Jenn (TinyChoices.com) said...

So, is this useful only for Bromptons, or for mounting a rear light on any rear rack?

PS-- Love your blog!

Chris B said...

I recently ordered a Brompton from Harris Cyclery in West Newton. They recommended against the stock lighting, but I forgot the make/model of the tail light they sold me. I'll follow up when my bike arrives in a couple weeks.

Charlotte said...

Jenn, I know very little about folding bikes other than Bromptons so I really can't comment either way. Perhaps other owners of other folders can comment?

Certainly Planet Bike is marketing the bracket for ordinary rear racks, so if you're asking about ordinary bikes then yes, it's made for the job.