07 May 2009

Rack Basket

rack basket on a bike
I've never seen a basket mounted the way this gentleman has done. The rack supports it nicely.

I may modify and use this idea. Send in photos if you do too!


CM said...

I have a large wire market basket bungee corded onto my rear rack. It makes my bike 'transportation' not just a hobby.

You can see photos here:

Carice said...

I was studying some antique luggage last weekend, thinking of creating some sort of rear storage that I could close up. I ultimately decided that it wouldn't wear well if it got wet, and didn't want to figure out a easily dismountable system.
I would worry about things bouncing out of a basket that I couldn't see behind me.
It looks nice though.

'Xander Labayen said...

i'm currently retro fitting old hard case carry on luggage, and jewelery boxes from the 60's as back rack boxes... i'll post pics once they are up

CM said...

I've never actually had anything bounce out of the basket. I've been using it since I was a teen and am now 41.

Just this spring I started using a bungee cord, it hooks on the outside when not in use. Maybe I'm getting smarter in my old age??

For a small load like two bags of groceries and my purse I just hook the cord to one side, run it through the handles, and hook it to the other side.

For a larger load like two gallons of milk, four bags of groceries and my purse I tie the handles on the grocery bags and use the bungee to strap everyting down. I have also tied the bags, using their own handles to the basket's handles and headed off down the road with bags hanging off the sides.

The only problem is the unstability when mounting and dismounting with a heavy load. It takes a bit of strong arming to hold it upright. No problem when biking though, just getting off and on. And it isn't that bad, just something to be aware of.


rb said...

I just put a rack on my old raleigh- I have a trunk bag on the rack for now, but a garage sale basket may be just the ticket: