11 September 2009

Bike Party Boston

My husband came home all excited from a leisure ride the other day. He was riding with some guys on "carbon fiber rocketships" and they were telling him about a criterium race that's going to be held in downtown Boston on September 26. They are all super excited to see the real professionals racing in our city's streets, up close and personal. Even though it's not strictly chic cycling you can call us both really excited, the adrenaline in this setting makes lycra seem appropriate. We did get to see the end of the Tour de France in Paris, but by then they're no longer racing each other. This race will be the thrill of competition at close quarters in our town so it will be fun.

Here's the race course downtown:

Mayor's Cup bike race
The only thing I think is too bad is that they didn't take a page out of l'Eroica's book. My husband has always wanted to do that because his old Italian bike will apparantly qualify him for a bottle of chianti at the finish, in recognition of his appreciation for old Italian things. I hear that the upcoming American Eroica will double the purse for winners on Italian bikes made before 1990.

I think the Mayor's Cup would be more fun if they were to highlight our incredible bike builders here in Massachusetts and have some kind of recognition for people who complete the race on handmade-in-MA bikes. I can't imagine they could double the purse for the pros (already $20k!), but maybe there could be some special made-in-Boston Harpoon beer, or something like that, for the first made-in-MA bike to finish? Wouldn't that be nice?

There will be a concert and party afterward, and of course the next day is the annual Hub on Wheels. We'll be seeing you all there!


Cris C. said...

ah, I was wondering what all of the commotion was with tents and cyclists at Boston Common this morning. unfortunately, the girl and I will be hiking and camping in NH this weekend, so we will likely miss the excitement.

I'll just have to make do with the impromptu red-light time trials that break out on the daily commute through Post Office Square and the Longfellow. ;)

enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...


You didn't leave any information about the race -- date, time, etc. I clicked on the Mayors Cup link but it was expired.

Charlotte said...

Sorry guys, I'll have to fix that. The race is September 26, and here's a different link, maybe that will work?

Cris, I think you saw 9/11 Memorials. They were setting up tents on the Greenway downtown too.