02 September 2009

Boston Tweed Ride Preparations

Massachusetts cycle chic
Image from Wha'ppen

Massachusetts has a long history of both bicycle manufacturing and chic tweedy cycling, as evidenced by this vintage bicycle poster from Northampton, MA.

I'm very excited for our Boston Tweed Ride on Sunday October 4th, 2PM and am working on outfits for myself and my husband. Have you got yours? Will I see you Sunday afternoon?
I hope so!


Filigree said...

I think so, but not 100% certain. I am working on outfits as well. I already have a hat and tweed jacket. Not sure about skirt, boots and husband's clothing. Hopefully my DL-1 will be all ready and beautified for this ride.

Dottie said...

Wish I could be there!

lagatta à montréal said...

Are you channelling your inner Katharine Hepburn?

I'm thinking of her when she was a young woman like you, in a tweed jacket and skirt, though she cycled almost until she died.

This sounds like such fun!

Charlotte said...

Lagatta, you know me too well already! Yes, I am channelling Katharine Hepburn, though I was even going to go so far as tweed trousers. I should study up on Katharine phrases and cadence, that would be perfect.

RidingPretty said...

So excited about your Boston Tweed Ride! Do hope your outfit is coming along, please do another tweed post and update us on your progress with "THE OUTFIT"! Channeling Katherine Hepburn is so perfect :)