04 September 2009

Sexy Brompton

OK, so you all already know that I've got a thing for men who ride Bromptons. So when I saw this handsome man I chased him down and asked to see his bike bag (and also take his photo!).

Brompton cyclist Boston
I noticed his very tasteful summer clothes and his clever black pant clips which discreetly protected his jeans. They're so discreet you can't even see them in this photo! UPDATE: He tells me "They're standard velcro clips with reflective strips, but I wear them inside-out during the day." C, you're clearly a man with good taste who recognizes elegant design.

He showed me his front-mounting Carradice bag and I'm now convinced that this is the only bag to use with a Brompton. The Brompton-made bag leaves a lot to be desired and the original Carradice rack bag has issues of its own. But they've finally gotten it right with this bag and there will be one coming in the mail to my house right away.

Carradice bag on a Brompton

I was particularly impressed with the mounting system onto the Brompton proprietary front carrier block, and structural support for the rest of the bag. Carradice has outdone themselves this time, it's an incredible piece of engineering, well thought out and well executed. I was especially impressed by the two pockets facing the rider while the bag is mounted. I imagine those would come in particularly handy for sunglasses and headlights, etc.

Carradice front bag for Brompton


m e l i g r o s a said...

cute guy!! :D
and those bags ar nice looking - Im checking out their site

cheers and happy labor day weekend!!

espressoandbicycles said...

i'll say that's a sexy ... bicycle ...

Huff said...

They sell that bag at Broadway Bicycles.

She Rides a Bike said...

Uhmmmm . . . so did you ask him out?

Charlotte said...

She Rides a Bike,
Sadly no, I'm married to another Brompton rider, and he's married too. I wonder if this bike is most popular amongst married men? Certainly in Paris it was ridden by distinguished gentlemen. I'd love to know Brompton demographics!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Carradice Camper model.

Kristin Tieche said...

Mmmmmm.... Hello there!