15 September 2009

Make Way for Ducklings

children's bikes locked in front of school
I've seen some discussion about schools not allowing children to arrive by bicycle. I can tell you that is not happening in Cambridge! On our way to the café this morning we saw at least 15 little people under the age of 8 pedaling to school. This photo is of a bike rack in front of one of the schools, every rack and street sign was full.


MamaVee said...

Hurray indeed!

Dottie said...

So cute!

cycler said...

This makes me think of the HG Welles quote about being optimistic for the future of the human race when you see someone on a bicycle, but in this case, a future generation.

I LIVED on my bike when I was 8, on a center suburb block in a sprawling southern city.
When we moved to a rural area, my dad biked to work 7 miles each way on a rural road, and I commuted in high school (also about 7 miles each way) just to avoid the stigma of the school bus.

It's great to see a new generation going back to school on bikes!

Xander N' Dante said...

my 3 yr old son always bikes to kindergarten! but he's a little too eager to remove his training wheels..