02 September 2009

Spotted this morning

UHaul soldier ride bicycle advocayThose of you who have lived in Boston over the period of Aug. 25-Sept. 5 know what's going on - the entire city is FILLED with vans, trucks, and UHauls, many driven by students who have never operated a vehicle of this size, and all parked haphazardly everywhere.

It kind of feels like a slightly dangerous party.

Anyway, on the side of a UHaul this morning I saw an announcement for Soldier Ride, a program to help combat wounded veterans return to an active lifestyle by cycling. I think this is exciting on many levels. Certainly I am thrilled that our veterans are getting support, I hear so many horror stories about the VA hospitals, etc. that it's good to hear a supportive story for a change. These testimonials make me get all teary-eyed. On a completely selfish level, I'm thankful that these heroes are out cycling, acting as ambassadors of the activity perhaps to people who otherwise wouldn't consider cycling a respectable endeavor. Thank you soldiers. Again.

The blog about the effort is available here: http://wwpsoldierride.blogspot.com/

UHaul Soldier Ride bicycle advocacy


Carice Pingenot said...

Yes, I've been very apprehensive about all the Uhauls.
Big blind spots +inexperienced drivers =scary.

I've actually been noticing all the out of state plates and wondered how people from places without much cyclist culture get acclimated to places like Cambridge where there are a lot more bikers.

2whls3spds said...

I live immediately adjacent to one of the largest if not the largest military base in the US. Our local club does a lot with the injured veterans and active duty military. One program stands out in particular, we have quite a few tandem teams, they will break apart and take a injured vet who wants to ride, but for whatever reason cannot ride alone. They will set them up on as a stoker and let the good times roll. The LBS helps by providing equipment at cost. The last ride I saw had 4 teams, the stokers all had eye/head injuries that kept them from being able to ride solo, but with a captain they were able to enjoy riding. The VA also helps out.


PJDodge said...

There were adverts for this during Le Tour. Brought a few tears to my eyes as well.